Dr. Byrnes
Height 5'11"
Hair Brown (graying)
Eyes Blue
Other Information
Occupation Director of Felding Labs
Loyalties Felding Laboratories
First Appeared In The Legionnaire Prologue One

Dr. Haydrian Ambrose Byrnes is a character in The Legionnaire book series. He is the head scientist and Director of Felding Research Laboratories, aka Felding or simply "The Institute." Dr. Byrnes first appeared in the first of the Legionnaire Prologues, "An Infant's Cry" and is the primary antagonist of the series for a long while, pulling Felding's strings from the shadows.


Dr. Byrnes was named Director of Felding Research Laboratories approximately 16 years before the start of the first Legionnaire novel, and approximately 3-4 years before the first prologue. One of his first deeds as director was to put forward and approve the infamous Felding Super Soldier Program, which involved both studies in artificial life and intelligence, and bio-engineering of human beings.

Under his direction, the Artificial Infant program headed by Doctors John and Teagan Martinez was officially scrapped, and the first and only viable subject was to be appropriated for development into the first bio-mechanical "super soldier." When the Martinezes defied him and fled with the prototype, Dr. Byrnes successfully tracked them down and brought them both back to Felding on a "probationary" basis, although the subject was not recovered.

His attempts to recreate the first successful experiment eventually resulted in success, but not until years from the date of the original project. During this time period, however, development of his bio-engineering project continued, and many successful subjects were brought to adulthood and bred into the Super Soldier Program.

It was also sometime during this period, before the beginning of the first book, that Dr. Byrnes married his secretary, Maeve, and they had a son, Jonathan Haydrian Byrnes, later to be known as Agent Alpha.

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