Ethan Miles Grey, aka "The Legionnaire"
Height 5'11"
Hair Red
Eyes Green
Other Information
Occupation Student/Hero
Loyalties The Legion, Humanity
Ethan Miles Grey is a character in The Legionnaire book series, and the series' primary protagonist. He is a16 year-old humanoid android, developed by Doctors John and Teagan Martinez at Felding Labs.

Early LifeEdit

Ethan was created in Felding Labs in the mid-90's.  He was built using several different departments research, including nano-technology, prosthetics, and artificial intelligence.  His estimated worth, as a machine alone, is  $5.5 million in 1995.  Due to inflation and self-replication, his value has more than doubled.

The day he was activated, he was liberated from Felding by his creators, Teagan and John, who also managed to rescue a boy who would later become known as "River".  During their escape, John crashed in the van they were making their getaway in, and Teagan was forced to flee with baby Ethan and River on foot.  Due to her ankle being injured in the crash, she was not able to make it further than a couple of blocks.

During this time, Nathanial Grey was in the process of taking the trash outside, and had noticed Teagan with the baby and River.  He rushed Teagan, baby Ethan, and River into his home, and helped set her ankle in place.  It was at this time that Teagan, heart-broken and weary, offered Ethan to Nathan and his wife, Samantha Grey.  That is when Teagan had to run again, with River, to keep the Grey's safe and Ethan hidden.

Life in WestboroughEdit

Ethan grew up in Westborough, Arkansas, and has always been a comic-book fanatic.  He has an amazing collection of over 400 different comics, ranging from Spider-man, X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man, as well as Superman and various Justice League comics.  His mother, Samantha Grey, and his father, Nathanial Grey, work together in the field of Psychology.

His best friend is Nichole Styx, aka Nick, a Mexican-American girl who was born in the nearby city of Nefis, but has since moved into the quieter suburb of Westborough.  She and Ethan have been friends since they were toddlers, and have been collecting comic books since they were 8.  Ethan orginally admitted, before the series began, that "kissing her would be like kissing his sister", but since they were about 13, his feelings changed.

His other best friend, Tyler Conners, was his fellow track-star and all-around buddy.  Tyler did his best to stick up for Ethan, but was eventually subdued in the main book by the school's guidance counselor, who was also a Felding spy.  Tyler was eventually made to forget about Ethan by Whisper and Psyche, but it left a horrible feeling in the pit of Ethan's stomach.

Ethan's main after-school activity was track, as he had a natural, or rather, unnatural, knack for running.  He has a huge fan-club, which swarmed him constantly, provoking fights between them and Nick.  Later in the first book, the fan-girls viciously assault Whisper Longriver, Ethan's girlfriend, which provoked Ethan and pushed him over the edge.

Ethan also dated a girl, Bambina Andrews (aka, Bambi), a blonde girl who he officially met in chemistry class.  She and Ethan grew really close over the short period of a couple of months.  When it came day of the dance, Ethan had to fight Bambi's ex-boyfriend, Kevin, in the boy's restroom.  When the fight was over, Ethan and Bambi left the dance, not wanting to ruin their night.  However, as they were getting drinks from the nearby convieneince store, a masked criminal, later to be revealed as Kevin, shot Bambi in cold blood, and ran off.  This moment was pivitol in turning Ethan's decision to becoming "The Legionnaire" when Bambi died in his arms.


His middle name was inspired from the character "Tails" from the "Sonic the Hedgehog" games.  Sonic's companion's full name is Miles "Tails" Prower.

Ethan's body temperature is very cool.  His best friend, Nick, noticed that about him when they were children, and she was sick.

Ethan's favorite super-hero franchise is Marvel.  His notable mentions are Wolverine and Spider-Man.

Ethan's first comic book is a retro-issue of Captain America, issue #72.  This issue is called "Murder in the Mind".  This is actually (unintentional) foreshadowing to the death of Bambina Andrews.

Ethan has two XBox 360 consoles, but his Gamertag is unknown.  His favorite game is Halo: Reach.

Ethan's got a subscription to Netflix.  He prefers the X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons from the 90's.

It's not directly stated, but Ethan drops out of track team once he finds out he's an android.  His reasoning is that he has an unfair advantage.

Ethan's sword is inspired from the katana from Marvel's "Blade".

Ethan like toe-socks.

His favorite band is Nickleback, and his favorite song is "If Everyone Cared".  He has sang the song "Someday" before in book.

His top speed is 55 miles per hour with his limits on.  Without his limits, his body can only function up to 80 miles per hour.  He can go faster, but his mind isn't fast enough to be able to see where he is going at that rate.

The username "EthanMilesGrey" on was originally taken by one of the authors, Matthew Ames.  He has since deactivated his account.  However, on, the account there remains active.  It is the same username.

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