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The year is 2012.  Medical science has been taken to an all-new height since the founding of the medical research company Felding Labs.  However, not all is as it seems with Felding.  Since the year 1995, they have had many projects that are more than just "advances in medicine".  They have been genetically engineering humans, attempting to break the limitations of the human mind.  And they have succeeded.  In addition, their advanced prosthesis and robotics department has also come up with ways to repair damaged tissue with microscopic robots called "nanites".  These nanites were untested for humans, so the department attempted to roll the production into a special project for parents unable to conceive.  However, Felding's head scientist and founder, Dr. Haydrian Byrnes, was instating another project as well: The "Super Soldier" program.

Doctors John and Teagan Martinez were finishing up, in 1996, their very first prototype "artificial infant".  This artificial infant would be able to grow over time, like a real child, through the specialized nanites developed the year before.  At the critical moment of testing out the android components and bringing the infant to life, Dr. Byrnes called to have Dr. John Martinez sign over the project immediately to the Super Soldier program.  What Dr. Byrnes did not expect was Teagan and John taking their newfound child, which Teagan had named Ethan Miles, and begin to run away from Felding.  During the escape from Felding's lab in the fictional town of Westborough, Arkansas, Teagan and John managed to rescue a child who had been grown in the lab.  This child, code-named River, was liberated in the effort to free themselves, and baby Ethan, from the laboratory.

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