Whisper Grey (formerly Longriver)
Height 5'3"
Hair Black
Eyes Grey
Other Information
Occupation Hacker/IT/Legion Member
Loyalties The Legion
First Appeared In The Legionnaire Prologue Two: Children Lost
Whisper Ebony Longriver (later Grey) is a character in The Legionnaire book series. She is a member of the Legion, and a victim of Felding Research Laboratories' bio-engineered Super Soldier program. Her powers are mental in nature, and include the ability to manipulate others through persuasion, and later compulsion.


A baby born of Felding's Bio-Engineering Super Soldier program, and given the codename Whisper, was artificially incubated and decanted approximately 15 years before the start of the Legionnaire Book Series. By Legionnaire Prologue 2, which takes place ten years before the start of the first book, Whisper and the rest of her "group" - including her sister and fellow founding Legion member Psyche Longriver - escaped Felding thanks to the interference of Teagan Martinez and Johnny Byrnes.

From that point onward, Whisper knew a life of hard living on the streets in a group of fellow Super Soldier program escapees (and future Legion members). These escapees included herself, her sister, and two boys close to their age codenamed Phoenix and Shadow. Phoenix took it upon himself to lead the group, constantly keeping them on the move to throw Felding off their trail, as for some reason unknown to them, personnel from Felding seemed able to find them no matter where they went.

Whisper after a time learned to develop hacker skills to keep her family safe as they ran, and also as a form of income. By the time she was thirteen, another member, River, had joined the group. At odds with Phoenix, River challenged him for the affection of Whisper's sister Psyche as well.

Since Phoenix was unable to make a move unchallenged anymore, the group moved less and hid more, focusing on covert operations. While hiding out in the area of Westborough, Arkansas, the group encountered an awkward teenager attempting to foil a bank robbery. The teenager turned out to be none other than Ethan Miles Grey, the future Legionnaire. Ethan extended a hand of welcome to the group, inviting them to hide in his family's outdoor basement, an area cloaked in signal jammers and the like that his parents had installed to keep Felding from finding him.

Despite Phoenix's protests, the group took him up on the offer, and Whisper became the unofficial IT consultant and tech advisor to a budding superhero...

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